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Our motto is “We Do What We Say and Say What We Do”. We were taught to live by this from a young age, and contribute a large part of our success to this. This doesn’t mean we don’t sometimes make mistakes, but we strive to live by these words.

We are a family owned and operated full service plumbing company serving Atlanta, Marietta, Canton, Kennesaw, Acworth, Cartersville, East Cobb, Woodstock and other surrounding cities.

Georgia Licensed Plumbers

All plumbing repairs made by Class II Master Plumber licensed by the State of Georgia. Call Metro Septic and Plumbing at (404) 973-2471 for all your plumbing needs.

The Runaway Toilet

A leaky toilet can be annoying as well as increasing your water bill. If you are a handy homeowner, you can fix your toilet in a matter of a few minutes.

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Gas Water Heater Timers

We are all look at ways to save money on our utility bill. Consider installing a gas water heater timer to help reduce costs by up to 36%.

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DIY Plumbing or Call in the Experts?

When it comes to home ownership there are many things that you may or may not feel qualified to tackle on your own. When plumbing is involved, many people wonder if doing it themselves could save time and money. To help you decide whether you can tackle a plumbing job on your own or if you need to call in a plumbing professional, consider these most common plumbing questions.

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Avoid Frozen Pipes this Winter

Frozen pipes are not something most Georgia homeowners have to think about very often; however when Mother Nature decides to throw a curve ball our way and send sub freezing temperatures, frozen pipes can quickly become a real threat. Smart homeowners can use the following tips to help prevent pipe freezing problems that can lead to a costly pipe burst emergency.

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