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4 Signs You May Need A Water Softener ,

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4 Signs You May Need A Water Softener

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Just like our bodies, water plays in integral role in the operation of our home. While you may think all water is created equal, you’ll unfortunately notice some inconveniences if your water is too hard. Hard water contains extra minerals that soft water does not. While the additional calcium and magnesium deposits are not a health hazard, they can produce some disruptive issues in your everyday household tasks. Testing whether your water is hard or soft can be easily completed by a professional. If you suffer from the following household water problems, you should consider adding a water softener:

#1 Spots On Your Dishes!
Nothing is worse than going to put your clean load of dishes away and realizing that your plates and glasses have spots on them. This is a leading indicator that your water is too hard.
#2 Film On Your Shower Door!
Does your shower door look dirty after you’ve just cleaned it? Hard water is notorious for leaving behind its minerals, which can show up as an unwanted film on your shower or bathtub walls.
#3 Dirty Clothes . . . After Washing!
If you’re pulling out clothes from your washing machine and they still appear stained and dingy, you may need a water softener so that you can enjoy fresh clothes again. Hard water contains iron deposits that tend to prohibit your detergents from doing their job.
#4 Higher Water Bill!
The mineral deposits of hard water not only wreak havoc in your bathroom and within your appliances, but they can also build up in your hot water heater. This can cause your water heater to work over time, which can drive up your bill as well as set you up for the cost of a replacement tank.

If these hard water ailments are threatening your home, call the professionals of Metro Septic and Plumbing. We can test your water to determine if a water softener would make your plumbing system work more efficiently and conveniently. Through a process called ion exchange, a water softener can eliminate the mineral deposits that are “binding” or “clogging” your soaps and detergents. There are many types of water softeners available, and we are happy to help you choose the right one for you.

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