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8 Signs You Have a Problem With Your Electric Water Heater ,

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8 Signs You Have a Problem With Your Electric Water Heater

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Your water heater is likely one of the most used appliances in your household, yet it is likely one you also take for granted the most. When we shower, wash our clothes or clean the dishes, we expect and trust that hot water will be readily available when we command it. Therefore, it can be quite a disruption if your notice signs of trouble regarding your hot water heater.

To help determine if it is a quick fix you can do yourself, or one that might require a replacement, here is a list of common water heater problems. The following issues are associated with electric water heater models:

#1 Water Leaking From Top of Tank
If you notice water on the top surface of your electric heater, it could be your cold inlet or hot outlet pipes that have become loose or leaky.
#2 Water Leaking From the Bottom of Tank
Likewise, water surrounding the bottom of the tank also indicates a problem. While normal condensation may be the culprit, it could also be a malfunction within the heating element gasket or T&P valve. If the tank itself is leaking, a replacement is warranted.
#3 No Hot Water
This is typically a problem that is noticed right away from homeowners. Either the circuit breaker has tripped or the heating elements within the tank have failed. Try the circuit breaker or the reset button first before you call a plumber.
#4 Not Enough Hot Water
If your hot water is running out too soon, or sooner than it used to, you need to investigate the issue. It may be as simple as adjusting the thermostat, which is often set to factory defaults that don’t accommodate for cold winter months. In other cases, the thermostat could be faulty or wires could be loose. If your family has grown since you bought the electric tank, you may need a bigger size to meet your larger family’s needs.
#5 Water is Too Hot
If you have small children using the sink, this can be a safety threat. In most cases, this remedy involves adjusting the thermostat to your comfort level.
#6 Water Heater is Noisy
If you hear strange sounds such as banging, knocking or hissing coming from your hot water heater, you likely have accumulation or build-up in the tank. It could also be a leak or high pressure.
#7 Rusty Colored Water
If your hot water feels good but looks scary, call a professional. Rusty hot water is an indication of corrosion of the anode rod. This needs to be treated immediately to avoid a water heater replacement.
#8 Smelly Hot Water
In most situations, foul odors coming from your hot water means there is bacteria in your tank. This is especially common in homes that use well water. You can schedule a water heater cleaning or try increasing the tank thermostat to 140 degrees to kill off residual bacteria.

For more tips on maintaining or repairing your electric hot water heater, call Metro Septic and Plumbing. We offer installation and repairs for all types of water heaters, including gas, electric and tankless models.

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