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Bathroom Remodel? Why You Should Involve a Plumber ,

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Bathroom Remodel? Why You Should Involve a Plumber


Bathrooms and kitchens are fun to remodel. You may be excited about upgrading your space with more attractive tile, a more modern shower head or even a special sink fixture. However, as you dive into your remodel project, don’t dismiss the possibility that you may need to involve a professional plumber.

If you are remodeling a bathroom of an older house, it may be that you need to repair or even replace the water pipes that lie underneath. If your water pipes need attention or a complete re-do, now is the perfect time to tackle the issue. The worst thing you could do is finish off your new tile and install new fixtures only to realize you need to undo it to replace your water pipes.

A simple inspection from a professional plumber can give you the peace of mind that your water pipes are healthy and equipped enough to support your new bathroom remodel. The inspection can be quick and easy, as you’ll likely have many of your underlying plumbing system exposed in the remodel. Should you replace any old or damaged piping? You’ll need to work with a certified plumber and determine the following:

  • How much piping is damaged? Should you replace just a section or is a full-replacement the most cost-effective solution?
  • Are your water pipes outdated or out of code?
  • Is your current piping compatible with the new fixtures you plan to install?
  • What material is best to use? Copper, PEX, PVC, etc?

If you need a trusted professional to handle your water pipe inspection before a kitchen or bathroom remodel, call Metro Septic and Plumbing. We can ensure your beautiful new bathroom ideas won’t be sabotaged by a damaged or faulty plumbing system. If you need pipe replacement or repair, our experts will recommend a budget-friendly solution and work in the timely manner you deserve, as we know you are anxious to keep your remodel job on task.

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