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How’s Your Water Pressure? ,

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How’s Your Water Pressure?

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There’s nothing worse than stepping into a hot shower only to realize there is very little water pressure. Whether it is at the garden hose, kitchen sink or shower, a sudden dip in water pressure can be a very frustrating problem. You may be fortunate enough to find that your low water pressure is a simple fix, or it could be your first indication of a major leak or significant damage in your pipes. If you are a homeowner who needs to get to the source of your weak water pressure, consider taking the following steps.

Your first course of action is to determine if the low water pressure is just an isolated problem at one particular faucet or occurs throughout your house. If only one showerhead or faucet is failing, then you most likely have a minor, easy-to-fix problem on your hands. Closely examine the specific faucet or showerhead and look for clogged openings. It is not uncommon for mineral deposits to build up over time and prevent a high pressure from flowing through. You may simply need to soak the unit in white vinegar and reassemble it to solve your problem. If low pressure still persists and the faucet is old, you can try replacing it.

If all of your plumbing fixtures are producing a weak water flow, then you may have a water leak on your hands. Before you shut off the water and examine your water meter for a leak indication, you can also call your water utility company to ask if there are any widespread problems in the area that could be causing your low water pressure. If there are no issues in the area and you suspect damage or a leak in your pipe, it is best to contact a licensed plumbing company next. Metro Septic and Plumbing conducts thorough leak detection services using high-tech camera inspections and they can offer top quality repairs at an affordable cost.

Never ignore a sudden change in water pressure throughout your home. Not only is it disruptive to your daily tasks but if it is due to a leak in your pipes, the problem needs to be addressed promptly. Leaks can potentially lead to flooding or compromises your home’s foundational structure if left untreated.

Most of us love high water pressure as opposed to low water pressure, but be careful what you wish for. Water pressure that is too high can cause leaks, pipe damage, and wasted water. A plumbing professional can help you determine a water pressure that meets your plumbing needs without making your system vulnerable to damage.

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