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Stop Water Hammer in Your Home ,

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Stop Water Hammer in Your Home

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Is your home plagued with hammering pipes? While the rattling noise in your plumbing system can be quite a nuisance, there’s more reasons to resolve this problem. Water hammering can actually be harming your pipes. The rattling or hammering sound you hear (but wish you didn’t) is an indication that the pressure in the pipes is not quite right.

When your change the velocity or direction of the water coming through your pipes (like when you turn off the faucet), pressure in the pipes increases and produces “shock waves” in the water. Most plumbing systems have built-in air chambers to buffer these shock waves and soften the noise against the pipes. However, if your system doesn’t have air chambers or if they begin to fail, hammering pipes are the result. It may also be that the gasket within your pressure-reducing valve is damaged or worn down. A professional plumber can accurately determine the cause of your water hammer.

Why Should You Fix Rattling Pipes?

Maybe you’ve gotten used to the noise and you’re tempted to just ignore the water hammering sounds in your home. You should know that neglecting to resolve water hammering could eventually cause costly plumbing problems such as appliance damage, pipe damage and high water bills!

What Can Be Done to Fix Water Hammering?

In nearly all cases, a professional plumber is needed to effectively put an end to your rattling pipes. You may find that your solution involves one of the following plumbing repairs:

  • Replacing the gasket in the pressure-reducing valve
  • Flushing out the pipes to remove the air
  • Clearing out pipe debris near the air chamber
  • Changing or reducing the pressure of your water
  • Installing or repairing air chambers in your plumbing system

Tired of your rattling pipes? Let us help. We can restore the health of your plumbing system and ensure you enjoy silent pipes in the future.  Call Metro Septic & Plumbing today!

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