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When Your Septic System Sounds Alarm ,

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When Your Septic System Sounds Alarm

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Is your septic system alarm going off? This is your cue that something needs to be addressed. A septic system’s operation can be intimidating to many homeowners. It is a complex and highly efficient system that can produce major problems if something goes wrong. Since we cannot always monitor its streamlined function, most basic septic systems are equipped with an alarm to notify homeowners of a problem.

How Does An Alarm Work?

There are typically two yellow float switches located in the wastewater tanks. There is a light that signifies the pump. When the floating switch is raised as wastewater levels are raised, it will trigger the pump to turn on. The pump will turn off when the water levels lower and the light turns off. However, if something goes wrong and the water levels reach a higher than normal level, then the alarm will sound. This could signal a wide variety of problems.

What Does A Sounding Alarm Mean?

Alarm notifies us that something is wrong with the pump function. Since the pump is what prevents your system from overflowing and backing up into your home, the reason for the alarm must be investigated.

The most common problems are:

  • Loss of power by a breaker (or tripped circuit)
  • Pump becoming unplugged from the power source
  • Stuck pump float
  • Failed pump
  • Plugged filter that needs to be cleaned
  • A leak that is taking on groundwater and overworking your system

What Should I do?

Since a septic alarm means your septic system may be experiencing a “high-water” event and is unable to get the water out or process the waste, it is important that you take action. First, stop running all water in your home, including laundry, dishwashing, showers, toilets, etc. Next, call a professional. The experts of Metro Septic can thoroughly evaluate the health of your pump to determine the exact reason that your alarm went off. As mentioned above, you could have a major pump failure or leak on your hands, or it could be as simple as restoring the circuit breaker. A simple service call can put your mind at ease and resolve your problems before they turn into a costly catastrophe.

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