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When Your Water Isn’t Clear ,

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When Your Water Isn’t Clear

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Healthy water is clear water. Therefore, if you are seeing concerning shades or hues in the water from your faucets, you need to investigate – or call a professional plumber to do so. Tinted water most commonly happens in older homes. However, most of the root problems that cause water discoloration are manageable.

Here are the top three colors that you may see in your water and why it’s happening:

#1 Yellow or Brown Water
Many older homes have galvanized water pipes. They were made with a layer of zinc that covers the iron or steel. Unfortunately, this outer layer can wear away with time, which leaves the other layers more vulnerable to rust. In essence, you may actually be seeing drops of rusty plaque in your water if it has a yellow or brown tinge. At this point, you probably need to consider pipe replacement.
#2 Bluish Green Water
The most common cause of a blue green tint to your water is copper water lines that have brass fittings. This type of blue water may also have a metallic taste. Copper is poisonous if consumed in large quantities so make sure to get this checked out immediately. Another possible source for green water is from an algae problem, which can be easily removed.
#3 Black Water
There are several reasons that your water may turn black, and all of them need professional evaluation and treatment. Mildew is one of the more dangerous reasons for black water. Another situation is if your valves are rarely used and corrosion occurs. This allows minerals (like magnesium) to combine with oxygen in your water, which results in charcoal colored water.

No one likes to see anything but clear, healthy water coming from their home faucets. It is alarming to see shades of green, brown or even black coming from your kitchen sink or shower head. For the sake of your family’s health, call a qualified plumber and ask them to take a look at any unusual shades you may see in your home water. Metro Septic and Plumbing can find an affordable solution to restore safe drinking water in your home.

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