Getting Your Dishwasher to Work For You

Marietta GA PlumberWhen it comes to your kitchen appliances, especially those that are supported by your plumbing system, we love helping customers get the most bang for their buck. Did you know that the way you load your dishwasher can affect how well it works? Did you know that running your dishwasher at certain times of the day can save you money? Here’s some dishwasher tips worth implementing:

Have a game plan. Decide your loading strategy beforehand so that you can get more dishes in the same cycle, and ultimately save you money.

Place your plates correctly. Look for where your sprayers are and then stack your plates smallest to largest for better cleaning action.

Don’t get messy with utensils. Not only does organizing your utensils help you unload faster, but it can ensure they get cleaned more effectively too. Watch your spoons in particular. “Spooning” spoons cannot get washed and rinsed well.

Scrape don’t rinse. In most modern dishwashers, it is not necessary to rinse every plate before loading – your appliance can handle the food debris. However, in cases where there is rice or other drain clogging leftovers, be sure to give the plate or glass a good scraping first.

Wash at night. If your utility company charges less during non-peak hours, plan to run your dishwasher while you sleep and enjoy some extra savings!

At Metro Septic and Plumbing, we do our best to help customers use their home appliances more efficiently. Not only does it benefit your plumbing system’s health, but it typically saves homeowners both time and money in the process.

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