Gas Water Heater Timers

Are you looking for ways to save money on your monthly home utility bills? Do you wish that your water heater would work more efficiently? There is a way to achieve the results you are looking for with a gas water heater timer, also called a programmable setback controller. The basic idea of this innovative device is to lower the temperature of the hot water tank for set periods of time when hot water is not in high demand. Subsequently, the device then raises the temperature of the water when hot water demand is high.

In a handful of tests of such products, results showed that water heaters that use a timer saved up to 36% of fuel usage and extended the life of the hot water heaters. This product helps consumers save money and use energy resources wisely. Gas water heater timers can be used on residential home systems, in small businesses and are a great addition to second homes or vacation properties.

You may be thinking, what if I need hot water other than the time I have the device set for high usage? Gas water heater timers allow you to have hot water whenever it’s needed as hot water is stored for intermittent uses between timer settings. There’s no wiring or gas line modifications needed with most timers so there are not any safety concerns with installing this type of device. A traditional unit heats your hot water for 3 hours per day on average, vs. having your hot water heater heating water 24 hrs. a day seven days a week. If saving on your energy bills and having an efficient hot water heater is on your to do list, consider looking into a gas water heater timer in the near future.

Posted on behalf of Keith Lee, Metro Septic and Plumbing