Preventing Bathroom Sink Clogs

Regardless of where it is in your house, a clogged drain is never fun to deal with. When it comes to your bathroom sink, however, the problem can be even more complicated and disruptive. If your bathroom sink is filling up as you are trying to shave or brush your teeth before work, frustration levels can be high – especially if it is happening on a regular basis.

Why are bathroom sink clogs so tricky to handle? One reason is due to the fact that there are more types of clogs in the bathroom compared to the kitchen sink. To prevent your bathroom sink from clogging, watch out for the following common causes:

Hair – including short hair from shaving and long hair from brushing

Toothpaste – a sneaky culprit that can harden against bad areas of your pipe

Cleaning Products - including soap, hair gel and skin cleansers that can make hair clogs worse

Dental Floss – throw your used floss in the trash instead of the drain

When it comes to unclogging your bathroom sink drain, it is important to realize that doing the job yourself could cause more harm than good. Call Metro Septic and Plumbing to ensure your drains are cleaned safely, effectively and professionaly. Store-bought cleaners and even plumbing snakes could result in more costly repairs.

Posted on behalf of Metro Septic and Plumbing

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