Preventing Shower Clogs

Shower clogs are an inevitable situation for every homeowner. A clogged shower or slow running drain eventually happens in every shower. There really isn’t a way to completely prevent a clogged shower, but there are simple ways for homeowners to deal with the problem.

In most instances, hair and soap scum build up are the cause of shower clogs. To help slow down the process of clogged shower drains here are a few tips to avoid the frequency of this pesky situation. Brushing your hair prior to getting in the shower helps remove excess hair or loose hair that will fall out while bathing. When you see stray hairs on the sides or floor of the shower, grab them and remove them prior to letting them go down the drain.

If your feet are covered with standing water every time you shower, the clog needs to be removed or dissolved. If possible start by removing the drain cover. Many times a hair clog is right at the top of the drain and for the large part can be removed by carefully scooping out the tangled mess. Try using an old tooth brush to scrape and remove a clog near the surface of the drain.

If the clog is not visible, you may need to use a plumbing snake to carefully go further into your drain. There are over the counter drain cleaning solutions that can be added to the drain after the bulk of the clog is removed. It is important to follow the directions and safety precautions for drain cleaners, to achieve best results. For persistent shower clogs that don’t seem to budge, call the professionals at Metro Septic and Plumbing.

Posted on behalf of Keith Lee, Metro Septic and Plumbing