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Our motto is “We Do What We Say and Say What We Do”. We were taught to live by this from a young age, and contribute a large part of our success to this. This doesn’t mean we don’t sometimes make mistakes, but we strive to live by these words.

We are a family owned and operated full service plumbing company serving Atlanta, Marietta, Canton, Kennesaw, Acworth, Cartersville, East Cobb, Woodstock and other surrounding cities.

Georgia Licensed Plumbers

All plumbing repairs made by Class II Master Plumber licensed by the State of Georgia. Call Metro Septic and Plumbing at (404) 973-2471 for all your plumbing needs.

5 Things to Avoid Putting Down Your Garbage Disposal

Your garbage disposal is a mainstay in any kitchen. It can last a long time if you know what you should and should not put into your disposal.

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Plumbing Fixtures That Save

We are all looking for ways to save money around our home or office. Efficient plumbing fixtures can do just that for homeowners and business owners.

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Time to Go Tankless?

Do you hate having to wait for the water in your home's shower to warm up? Tankless waters have many advantages over other water heaters.

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Freezing Temps? Protect Your Pipes

If you've had a pipe burst from freezing temperatures, you know that damage one leak can cost. Here are some tips to prevent that from happening again.

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How’s Your Water Pressure?

Most people love a long, hot shower after a hard day's work or after a vigorous workout. But what if your water pressure is not up to par?

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What Is Hydro Jetting?

Are your drains running slow or simply clogged up? Hydro jetting is one of the safest and most effective ways to clean your drain line without causing damage or disruption.

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