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Our motto is “We Do What We Say and Say What We Do”. We were taught to live by this from a young age, and contribute a large part of our success to this. This doesn’t mean we don’t sometimes make mistakes, but we strive to live by these words.

We are a family owned and operated full service plumbing company serving Atlanta, Marietta, Canton, Kennesaw, Acworth, Cartersville, East Cobb, Woodstock and other surrounding cities.

Georgia Licensed Plumbers

All plumbing repairs made by Class II Master Plumber licensed by the State of Georgia. Call Metro Septic and Plumbing at (404) 973-2471 for all your plumbing needs.

Common Plumbing Mistakes

Many homeowners want to repair their plumbing issues themselves. If you attempt your own repairs, don't make these common mistakes.

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Hiring a Professional Plumber vs. a Handyman

Many homeowners want to keep their plumbing repair costs to a minimum. But is hiring a handyman to do a professional plumbing repair the best choice?

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DIY Drain Cleaning Disasters

Many homeowners attempt to clear clogged drains themselves. If not done properly, this can lead to more costly plumbing repairs.

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Plumbers Advice

Homeowner can help themselves avoid costly plumbing repairs down the road by performing a visual plumbing inspection.

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Choosing a Plumber When Disaster Strikes!

When you have a plumbing emergency, do you know who to call? Here are some helpful hints when choosing the best plumber for your emergency plumbing repairs.

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Pros and Cons of Tankless Water Heaters

Have you ever considered adding a tankless water heater to your home? This article explains the advantages and disadvantages of installing a tankless water heater.

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