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Do You Have Bad Garbage Disposal Habits?

The garbage disposal is an amazing invention. In fact, many homeowners regard it as one of the most valued appliances in their kitchen. Your garbage disposal offers remarkable convenience as it saves you on trash bags and immediately eliminates your leftover food odors. However, make no mistake, your garbage disposal is not your trash can. It is an appliance that is only designed to do so much. Without careful attention to what you send down your disposal, you could set yourself up for plumbing problems and costly repairs.

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Tree Roots and Your Septic System

Did you know that tree roots can be a major threat to your septic system? Are you willing to compromise your home’s plumbing operation for the sake of a more shaded property? First and foremost, you need to know where your septic system is. This includes not only knowing where your actual tank lies underground, but also where the drain field is located. For optimal operation, drain fields and septic tanks should be covered up with plain grass and dirt. Anything else (trees, tractors, heavy shrubbery, sheds) could pose a serious problem over time.

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Water Tank Corrosion

Corrosion refers to the process of gradual destruction of metal due to a chemical or electro-chemical reactions. Most people are quite familiar with the way metal rusts after extended exposure to water; this is corrosion. Unfortunately, corrosion isn’t a good thing, and it can happen within your water tank heater. In terms of your home’s water heater, corrosion can occur when oxygen and water come in contact with the metal materials of the tank. Surprisingly, even tankless heaters are vulnerable to corrosion, due to the water dripping on gas burners.

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Stop Water Hammer in Your Home

Is your home plagued with hammering pipes? While the rattling noise in your plumbing system can be quite a nuisance, there’s more reasons to resolve this problem. Water hammering can actually be harming your pipes. The rattling or hammering sound you hear (but wish you didn’t) is an indication that the pressure in the pipes is not quite right.

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Make These Bathroom Changes and Start Saving

Whether you want to protect the environment or lower your monthly bill, water conservation is an excellent idea. There are many ways to cut back on water usage in your home. However, one of the best places to start is your bathroom.

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Is Your Plumbing Leak Sabotaging Your Pest Control?

Do you frequently battle insects and rodents in your home despite your pest control efforts? You may want to check your plumbing. The truth is, many pests are drawn to moisture, including crickets, lice, silverfish, termites, roaches and rats! So if you have a undetected plumbing leak in your home, you may be giving these pesky creatures an open invitation without even knowing it.

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