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Our motto is “We Do What We Say and Say What We Do”. We were taught to live by this from a young age, and contribute a large part of our success to this. This doesn’t mean we don’t sometimes make mistakes, but we strive to live by these words.

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All plumbing repairs made by Class II Master Plumber licensed by the State of Georgia. Call Metro Septic and Plumbing at (404) 973-2471 for all your plumbing needs.

Why Does This Toilet Keep Clogging?

Do you find yourself storing the plunger in one particular bathroom? It is common to have one toilet that clogs more than others. There are likely explanations for this – as well as things you can do about it. Here’s what to investigate if you have a “clog prone” toilet in your home.

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7 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Plumbing

It’s that time of year again - April showers and spring cleaning! While you may head to the garage or your closet when tackling your spring cleaning chores, your home plumbing deserves some attention too. In fact, following a simple checklist in your kitchen and bathroom could help you avoid costly plumbing problems in the months to come.

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Why Choose Hydro-Jetting For Your Septic System?

If you notice slow or frequently clogged drains in your home, your first instinct is probably to go buy a chemical drain cleaner from the store. However, before you pour that goopy mixture down your pipes, you need to understand the drawbacks. First, chemical drain cleaners can disrupt the healthy balance of bacteria in your septic tank.

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8 Signs You Have a Problem With Your Electric Water Heater

Your water heater is likely one of the most used appliances in your household, yet it is likely one you also take for granted the most. When we shower, wash our clothes or clean the dishes, we expect and trust that hot water will be readily available when we command it. Therefore, it can be quite a disruption if your notice signs of trouble regarding your hot water heater.

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5 Reasons to Consider A Septic to Sewer Conversion

There are a number of homeowners and businesses in Georgia that rely on a septic system for wastewater disposal. While it works for many, especially those in rural areas of the state, it may not be the best plumbing system for every situation. Septic to sewer conversions can be performed by our professionals at Metro Septic and Plumbing. There are certain criteria involved and some cost factors to consider, as it can be a more complex job.

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Slow Drains? Avoid the Snake and Call a Professional

Have you just learned to live with slow running drains? Maybe you know to keep your hand washing sessions brief and once the drain gets bad enough, you do your own “de-clogging” task to temporarily relieve the problem. Not only should you settle for slow running drains in your home, but your DYI remedies may be doing more harm than good. For homeowners who are plagued by frequent drain clogs, it is common for them to eventually resort to a plumbing tool called the “snake".

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