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Stop Water Hammer in Your Home ,

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Stop Water Hammer in Your Home

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Is your home plagued with hammering pipes? While the rattling noise in your plumbing system can be quite a nuisance, there’s more reasons to resolve this problem. Water hammering can actually be harming your pipes. The rattling… Continue reading

Are You Taking Care Of Your Water Heater?

Metro Septic and Plumbing

Your water heater is an important component of your plumbing system, especially if you enjoy hot showers and like to get your clothes and dishes clean. It is also a system that works tirelessly throughout the day,… Continue reading

Do You Need a New Pressure Regulator?

Metro Septic and Plumbing

Your pressure regulator is probably not a plumbing component that you often think of – unless it is not working properly. Pressure regulators are designed to bring the water pressure down to a safe level before it… Continue reading

Is Your Toilet Paper “Septic Safe”?

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Your septic tank is an intricate operating system that requires some consumer understanding. While your household plumbing may seem the same as someone who has a sewer system, traditional sewer lines differ greatly from a septic tank.… Continue reading

Why Does This Toilet Keep Clogging?

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Do you find yourself storing the plunger in one particular bathroom? It is common to have one toilet that clogs more than others. There are likely explanations for this – as well as things you can do… Continue reading

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